6 Insanely Profitable Renovation Strategies
Renovation Masterclas
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Turn your renovation hobby into a profitable business and achieve the work life balance you’ve been dreaming about.
Our half day masterclass will provide you with the strategies and systems you need to confidently move forward with a profitable renovating venture.
Learn the tricks, tips and proven processes from a renovating expert who has been routinely making a minimum of $100,000 on each of her renovation projects.

At only $47 per person this is a workshop you can’t afford to miss

This is a workshop style MASTERCLASS where you will start building your personal path to financial freedom
In Just A Few Hours, You Will Learn...
Our 6 Fave High Profit Strategies

Renovating is versatile way of building wealth if you have a range of strategies to suit your circumstances.

For making more than a year's salary in just one reno project.
The Money

Simple frameworks for crunching the numbers and making sure you have profit in your project.

Where the renovating HOT SPOTS are now. 
The Property market is a moving feast , as one market cools, another is hotting up.  Find where we're currently finding deals.
The Plan You Need To Put In Place To Fire Your Boss
It takes time to prepare to make the switch

Short on Cash
Or Time?

How to use Joint Ventures to get a jumpstart without waiting around.


Discover how a 40 square metre studio in Surry Hills, purchased for $475,000 could deliver this extraordinary outcome.

All the $120,000 profit went to Charity to help some little kids who would otherwise have NO HOPE.


Who Is It For?

The Closet Designer
Who wants to be doing something that they love and  profit from their passion

The Savvy Downsizer
Who wants to take the opportunity to
boost equity and cash in the process.

The Property Lover
Wanting to harness the power of renovating and high cashflow strategies to grow their wealth faster.

The Progressive Baby Boomer
Who's not willing to accept the traditional path and  wants to renovate retirement

The Creative Homeowner
Who wants to be smart about renovating their family home and create maximum value at minimum cost

The Frustrated Employee
Who wants to make this year the turning point personally and financially and carve out a life that is both satisfying and prosperous.

Who Is Bernadette Janson, And Why Should You Listen To Her?

Bernadette has taken her passion and created a profitable income, all while living a life she loves. She resurrects rundown-dumps and turns them into beautiful homes to create a lucrative income. Bernadette started renovating over 20 years ago as a hobby and eventually developed a system for producing reliable, profitable results. She does not do the renovating work herself, but project manages the renovations and this leaves time for all the things she holds dear – family, travel, hobbies and friends.

Bernadette has a wealth of experience covering cosmetic and structural renovations, small development, subdivision, and business renovations. She has consistently made larger and larger profits with her renovation projects.

At our training events, Bernadette shares her secrets she has personally used to be featured on Studio 10 and in Australian Property Investor, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Sydney Telegraph, Prevention Magazine, The Great Property Debate and the Melbourne Build and Renovating Expo. Bernadette looks forward to meeting you soon at one of our events or better still, working together in one of our face-to-face, strategy-loaded training programs. We keep our programs small enough, so there is time for everyone to chat with Bernadette and learn in a high-quality, small group environment.
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- Our latest Style Guide
- Some of our best reno ideas
- Details of our suppliers

- How to get the look


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Profit $120,000 in just 9 months!
100 Cooper St, Surry Hills, purchased for $830,000
Work completed:
Survey, design for extensions (attic , etc), DA submission and a big clean up of hoarded rubbish.
Sale price $1,060,000!
I spent only 100 hours on the job, which included the fun of day dreaming about how wonderful the finished renovation would look.
Profit $120,000 resulting in an hourly rate of $1,200.
I've Now Got A Clear Plan
What I found really powerful was I was able to bring floor plans of a property that we've recently purchased… and get a 360º view on the project!
– John Anderson, Melbourne
Amazing Risk Management
It's certainly opened up my eyes and given me a good structure, some good tools, and to look at something that most people go into blind… and have the tools to work with.
– Brendan and Dimitra, Sydney
Hope Rebuilt!
I have been searching for something to light my fire again with renovating – Their expert advice unlocked some doors for us to actually do this thing again…
– Helen Cooper, Sydney
Even Seasoned Renovators Learn A Lot
We consider ourselves as 'seasoned renovators' but we learnt a lot about the importance of doing detailed planning and what to plan for, and then executing.
– Tracy and Robert, Melbourne
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"I thought the Renovation for Wealth event was simply fantastic. I got an enormous amount of information out of it and I loved being there. I thought Bernadette and Kellie were just brilliant and obviously very successful with renovating to build wealth. I would just like to be as successful as you two are. The event was very worthwhile and inspiring. So thank you very much for everything."

Rhonda, Rhonda Hemmingway Couture, Darlinghurst
"When I left the event I felt overwhelmed with excitement. I was jumping out of my skin…I finally found a way to make my dreams come into fruition. Bernadette and Kellie gave me the motivation and confidence I’ve always been looking for. Now, my best girlfriend and I have joined forces and have a 12mth plan to be living our dream of renovating for income and wealth and for creative satisfaction. We can’t wait to get to the end of our first renovation to make a profit and do the styling! What fun! Don’t just think about going to Bernadette and Kellie's School of Renovating free event. Do it! If renovating what your dream is, just go!"

Colby, R., Healing therapist and wonderful mother of three, Sydney!
"We found the “Renovating for Wealth” very interesting and we wanted to go further and keep learning with Bernadette beyond this one event. Bernadette was very easy to relate to, very down-to-earth, but with such expertise and experience. She gave us the confidence to believe we could actually take the next step to renovate as a lifestyle choice. This means we can move forward doing something we love, while making money! … that’s just great!"

Margaret (Accounts Manager) and Bret (Banker), Castle Hill.
"The Sunday afternoon Renovating workshop so worthwhile. The time invested is so minimal for the benefits and confidence you can get out of that afternoon with Bernadette and Kellie. You learn how to take the next step from dreaming about renovating and making money, to actually learning how to do that in real life. Your own life. You see real case studies from real women and couples who are renovating right now. go! It's was my gateway to a new way of living, following what I wanted for my life."
Suzette, Sydney, Bookkeeper, Mum and now, serial renovator and property investor! (The picture is one of Suzette's latest reno-projects)

"I was thirsty for knowledge and I was just wrapped with the “Renovating for Wealth” workshop. I did not want to leave. I learn so much in a small amount of time. I felt so motivated to keep learning. I was a sponge and just wanted take it all in. It was so exciting. I’ve been dreaming of renovating and property investing for years but have not had the knowledge I needed and have been doing it blindly. Since the workshop, with the help of Kellie and Bernadette, I taken action and steps to finally move forward … doing things I’ve been intending to do for years. But now, the difference is, I am actually doing them!"

Kate Ruyter, Newcastle
"It was so worthwhile going to the Sunday event. For me, Bernadette’s focus on strategy and systems helped me have the confidence to move forward. Before, renovating seemed too far out of reach and we were not sure where to start. So after that one afternoon, we developed a strategy and have already started moving forward. I can’t wait now to spend the whole weekend with Bernadette and Kellie to do more training, and then keep learning with them for a whole year. That’s really exciting."
Emma M., Busy stay-at-home Mum, Newcastle
"At the Renovating for Wealth event, I just realized there was so much I did not know. I learnt so many specific things to help make a profit with renovating. For example, I learnt how essential it is to use an expert property accountant, rather than using just any general accountant. We just can’t wait to keep start buying and renovating properties to flip. The event definitely worthwhile going to. Don’t miss it! Ideas from the day just keep on popping back into my head all the time."

Trish Riley, Sydney

"All the tips I learned were so valuable - I hadn't considered them previously and I can use them in my own renovation. The event was very informative and worth attending."
Guida, Senior Manager with a Global Company, Castle Hill, August 2015

"I felt inspired after spending the Sunday afternoon with Bernadette and Kellie. The renovating workshop meet all my needs. I felt they were was quite generous with all the information that was so freely given. If you are thinking about going to this event, definitely go."

Rebecca R, Business Development Manager, Sydney  
"It was the passion of Bernadette and Kellie about renovating and helping others that got me excited and inspired me. The overriding thread of the workshop was also passion teaching and helping people – helping us carry the learning through from simply learning to actually taking action. Fantastic! The other thing that inspired me was the philanthropic commitment that Bernadette has – she gives back to the community, and those who are less fortunate. It was also inspiring to see her life-family balance, where she shares her success so generously with others and lives a balanced life that is not just about chasing money. These values and generosity set Bernadette and Kellie apart from other property education providers."

Karen, Hobby Farmer and Experienced Property Investor and Renovator, Southern Highlands

"What I got out of the Sunday Renovating event with Bernadette and Kellie was a new idea for me, and that is, if you treat renovating as a business rather than a hobby, renovating WILL work and you WILL make money. Better still, you get a far better result out of things with this approach and strategy. So now I will engage professionals for trades rather than doing it myself- it’s quicker, and you get a more professional result. The biggest thing I learnt was about business structures and taxation advice. It was great. Bernadette is clearly renovating successfully and doing it very well, and clearly has substantial expertise; there was no ego about her or her expertise and that’s good. Can’t wait to keep learning more!"

Nick Birt, B&B Director, Victoria

"My daughter and I planned to renovate and the “Renovating for Wealth” workshop was great. Fantastic, actually. My daughter and I wanted to keep on learning with Bernadette and Kellie into the future, and my partner wanted to pursue it also. At the event Bernadette and Kellie made it extremely clear about how to go about renovating – in lots of different aspects and in a lot of detail. We learnt a lot. It was really enlightening. It was also inspiring to see and hear what other people can do and importantly, have done. We are all excited about starting something together and learning from experts to help us make plans, stick to them, and project manage the renovation. Thanks!"

Cheryl L, Newcastle

"My sister and I were very confident to invest in the School of Renovation program as soon as we saw Bernadette's presentation. The knowledge and experience that both she and Kellie brought to the table was impressive. They had obviously developed their expertise over their own years of work in renovating for profit. Their knowledge was insightful and practical, and showed us exactly what we needed to do. We both agreed on the night that the program offered was exceptionally great value, and we felt secure that we would be supported in beginning our own journey with property development. We considered the price of the program thoroughly. We compared the cost of the program with the amount we were willing to invest in our first property, and agreed that the program would act as a type of insurance policy for our success. We were immediately confident that the investment would return a successful, profitable result. We can't wait to continue with Bernadette and Kellie and look forward to a long, successful partnership"

Melissa and Kerry

"I came to the workshop because I was curious and had a desire to learn more about what "The School of Renovating" was all about. I also wanted to know more about the process of acquiring a property for financial gain. I found the workshop very informative. Really, it was fantastic. There were lots of tips that were really helpful. I learnt lots of important information I did not know about council requirements, ways to buy property cleverly, reno-insider information, and advice from really experienced renovators. Bernadette and Kellie did not just lecture to us – it was a friendly atmosphere where Bernadette and Kellie just wanted to help people pursue their dreams. I know that is a cliche, but it was true. Coming to the workshop made me feel more enabled. It took the fear out of taking the next step.Thanks so much!"
Meredith Hughes, School Learning Support Officer, Newcastle

"A lot of property information is available out there. What I loved about the Renovating workshop was the very clear, tick the box strategy. I have a lot of ideas but sometimes don’t know how to follow through. The idea of a tested-and-tied tried system that is successful with renovating and flipping property really appealed to me. I loved that the working with Bernadette and Kellie in the reno-training is not just online or “here’s the information and off you go”. Rather, they are with you for 12 months of mentoring and ongoing learning."
Helen and David, Victoria

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